Housing still a problem in Glens - Thompson

THE lack of social housing continues to be a major problem for many people living in The Glens, according to the Councillor for the area, Colum Thompson.

In a statement, the Independent representative said with strict criteria on who can get a mortgage, rising prices for private rented accommodation and a high unemployment rate there has never been a greater need for social housing.

He went on: “However, many people have such little faith in social housing providers that they are not putting their names on the housing list simply because they don’t think they will ever be allocated a house.

“I would encourage anyone who needs social housing to put their names on the housing list, this is the only way to gauge the need for social housing in a particular area and we need the names of everyone in need on the housing list to show The Department Of Social Development how critical the situation in The Glens has become.

“I will also be writing to the Minister to highlight the problem. If anyone needs help getting on the housing list or with a housing application then please do not hesitate to contact me at my office on Mill Street Cushendall, by phone on 07541115105 or by e-mail at columthompson@hotmail.co.uk.