Housing Executive to spend £1.75 million on Moyle area

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The Northern Ireland Housing Executive is to spend £1.75 million on a programme of work for the Moyle area.

The news came as representatives from the body attended Moyle District Council’s meeting on Monday evening to present their annual report.

Frank O’ Connor, North Regional Manager said: “We have a strong agenda for Moyle district. During 2014/15, we will support the delivery of new social housing as well as investing £1.75 million upgrading and maintaining tenants’ homes, supporting people to live independently, increasing the energy efficiency of homes and providing grant aid in the private sector.

“The Housing Executive has enjoyed an excellent relationship with Moyle District council, both councillors and officers, working in partnership to deliver services to the people of the borough.

Maintaining our stock is a priority for the Housing Executive and this year we will be spending £1.21 million on planned and response maintenance to Housing Executive homes. This will include the installation of new heating in 111 homes, external work to 253 homes and smoke alarms in 190 homes.

“We will also support those tenants who need help to live independently in their homes through the provision of adaptations. Last year we spent £26,000 on both major and minor works helping people live more comfortably in their homes.

“As part of the Housing Executive’s Community Involvement Strategy a Tenant Scrutiny Panel for the Causeway area was established. This panel scrutinises the services they feel are most important to tenants in the local area and has undertaken some valuable work reviewing and improving housing services for local people.

“Through our Regional Services we will help meet social housing need through support to the social development programme. During 2014/15, in partnership with the housing associations, 40 new units of accommodation are planned to start on site. One scheme for a further 7 units of accommodation are on sites,” he concluded.