Housing Executive gives money advice

THEHousing Executive has published a new booklet of practical advice for those with money worries in the Ballymoney and Moyle areas.

Elizabeth Martin, Housing Executive Accounts and Customer Services Manager, said: “In this current financial climate there are more people struggling to make ends meet and some people cannot see a way out.

“We are fully committed to helping individuals and households organise their finances so that they can keep making their rent payments and other expenses too.

“Money worries – Practical Advice’ has been produced to give information on how to stay out of debt and also what to do if you find yourself in financial difficulties.

“Housing Executive tenants, who are having difficulty paying their rent, shouldn’t ignore the problem. We are committed to providing every opportunity to help tenants who are experiencing difficulties with paying their rent.

Money Worries Practical Advice is available on the Housing Executive website www.nihe.gov.uk and in Housing Executive local and Accounts offices.

Tel: Advice NI Free Phone 08009174607.