‘Hospital situation shows why Causeway must be defended’ - Allister

Local MLA Jim Allister has hit out saying ‘Antrim Hospital situation shows why Causeway must be defended’.

In a statement TUV MLA for North Antrim, Jim Allister said: “The situation at Antrim Hospital – which is not the fault of the magnificent staff, but the result of the folly of funnelling unbearable numbers into Antrim as a result of the Mid Ulster and Whiteabbey closures – is an object lesson in why the Causeway must retain its full acute status.

“Anyone who thinks the Northern Trust could cope with just one acute hospital has lost touch with reality. Instead of peddling the folly of downgrading the Causeway, Minister Poots needs to face the reality that it is indispensable to meeting the needs of the north east of the Province.

“The Causeway must stay as a full acute hospital and it is time all local politicians in North Antrim came out and said as much. Loyalty to a DUP Health Minister should not trump the need to secure the future of a first-class health service for North Antrim.”