Hospital carparking prices are slammed

MOYLE councillors have agreed to contact a Stormont minister after slamming the price it costs people to park at hospitals, especially if they are visiting family members seven days a week.

Cllr Robert McIlroy raised the issue at a meeting in Ballycastle and said it is particularly pricy for the elderly who may be forced to spend up to £21 a week from their pensions to cover parking costs.

Cllr Colum Thompson said carparking charges at hospitals are “astronomical”.

Cllr Randal McDonnell said fees were “outrageous” and Cllr Joan Baird says the situation is especially acute in Northern Ireland as poor public transport links mean people also have to pay the high cost of fuel to get to hospitals.

* Cllr Donal Cunningham says it would be good if the government decentralise public sector jobs to regional towns like Ballycstle.

He said it would be a big boost to the area if even an office with 30 people was relocated locally.

* Moyle Council agreed that Cllr Willie Graham should join the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson at Ballinasloe Fair.

Cllr Graham has been offered accommodation at no cost to ratepayers.