‘Horror and anger’ over Glens flooding

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SINN Féin Glens councillor Noreen McAllister has expressed her horror and anger at the floods happening once again in the Glens area and is calling on Roads Service and Rivers Agency to “get their act together and sort this problem out once and for all”.

Cllr McAllister said: “I was contacted by a constituent in a very distressed manner to tell me that his property had been flooded in the torrential rainfall that happened. He also informed me that early that morning because of the rainfall, he started to dig a trench beside his property to try and catch the water, although it helped a bit unfortunately the property was still flooded.

“I telephoned Roads Service immediately to request help for this man and they informed me that their men were already on that road and came to this man’s aid. At that same time the Glenariffe Road was flooding also and I requested assistance there also.

“I spent most of the night on the phone to Roads Service reporting roads that were flooding as the main road from Waterfoot to Cushendall was so bad that when I went to see for myself, I could only get as far as the caves and had to turn back.

“Sinn Féin representatives in the Glens have met with Roads Service and Rivers Agency after the last flooding in the area and both agencies told them that there was money available from the Finance Minister for this area that would prevent this from happening.

“An emergency plan needs to be set in place for the Glens area to stop further heartache and distress for our communities in these winter months ahead.

“I would just like to thank once again the local firemen for their immediate response, and to all the workmen that were out on that night helping our community,” said Cllr McAllister.