Holdeman family to return to Coleraine

Ballyclabber Reformed Presbyterian Congregation, on the outskirts of Coleraine, is looking forward to having the Holdeman family from Indiana, USA back with them this summer.

Dr. Richard Holdeman is the pastor of the Bloomington Reformed Presbyterian Church in Bloomington.

He along with his wife Amy and daughters Maggie (17), Grace (14), Anne (11) and Jane (5) are excited about coming back and spending time in this area which they love so much.

He is planning to preach from the Book of Acts in the morning services.

On the Sunday evenings he is speaking on ‘Respectable Sins’, also each Sunday morning at 10.15am in the Church Hall he is doing a Bible Class.

Pastor Holdeman is also doing a special meeting in the Church Hall on Friday, June 6 at 8.00pm.

At this time he will speak on “Living with Cancer: A Christian Perspective on Understanding and Living with a Dreaded Disease”.

Pastor Holdeman has just finished a gruelling course of chemotherapy so he will be doing this talk from personal experience.

Bible Class 10.15am, Morning Service 11.30am and Evening Service 7.00pm each Sunday and Friday, June 6 at 8.00pm.