Help the Hospice - renovate, dont relocate!

WiITH the local housing market in turmoil and house prices not reflecting the true value of their homes, increasing numbers of people are faced with the prospect of staying longer in their current home.

However many of those homeowners are also desperate for more space to accommodate their growing families or simply need to make much better use of the space they have.

Whether it’s a full-scale renovation or merely adding storage in clever and imaginative ways, local architects / professional designers can bring their creative design flare and technical expertise to bear on projects of all shapes and sizes.

Many homeowners have the perception that hiring an architect / designer is expensive, even daunting but a little help from such a professional could help you create more space, add value to your home and allow you to enjoy it for years to come

Co-ordinated through McCann Moore Architects, Belfast the idea behind RENOVATE … DON’T RELOCATE is simple and is the perfect introduction to what an architect / designer can do for a homeowner as well as an effective local fundraising platform for the NORTHERN IRELAND CHILDREN’S HOSPICE.

For a suggested minimum donation of £30 to the CHILDREN’S HOSPICE, homeowners can have a one hour informal discussion / design consultation with an approved architect / designer in their area who will come to their home, offer advice, explain costs and discuss creative ways to extend (RENOVATE) their home instead of them selling their home (DON’T RELOCATE).

Individuals are under no obligation to proceed with any ideas discussed during their Home Consultation Visit and they are secure in the knowledge that their total £30 donation will go directly to the NORTHERN IRELAND CHILDREN’S HOSPICE to support the vital work they do for children in their care.

Every £30 donation provides an hour of specialist nursing care for a child with a life-limited condition like heart disease, muscular dystrophy, cancer or degenerative condition for which there is no known cure.

Ellen Hillen – Corporate Fundraising Manager for N.I. Hospice, said: “I am happy to be associated with the RENOVATE … DON’T RELOCATE fundraising initiative and hope it will generate those much needed funds for the Children’s Hospice. We would like to thank in advance all homeowners who will take part in this unique concept and their generosity in making their donations through RENOVATE … DON’T RELOCATE”

Paul Moore - McCann Moore Architects said: “We are pleased to help co-ordinate the RENOVATE … DON’T RELOCATE campaign alongside the NORTHERN IRELAND CHILDREN’S HOSPICE and, with our fellow architects throughout the country, look forward to helping generate additional funds to support the dedicated care the Children’s Hospice provide to children with life-limited conditions”