Hebron to hold Reunion Night to celebrate 60 years

HEBRON Free Presbyterian Church Ballymoney is celebrating 60 years of preaching Christ (1951-2011).

To mark the occasion a special invitation is being sent to all who have attended the church during these 60 years.

The Reunion Night, Lord’s Day will take place on Sunday, June 5 at 7pm. Taking part in the momentous event will be the Hebron Choir, Youth Choir and Sunday School Choir. Minister Rev David Park will also be preaching on ‘The Great Reunion Day’ and a sumptuous supper will be served afterwards.

A glossy leaflet recognising ‘60 Years Preaching Christ’ has been published which outlines the many aspects of the church including the valued elders, committee and congregation as well as the many important facilities and groups. It also looks, in both pictures and words, at its valued history of the Church beginning when Dr Ian Paisley preached at the first Gospel Mission 60 years ago.

In the Forward Rev Park explained: “In coming to work in Ballymoney in 1996, I was very conscious that I was entering into the labours of others.

“Each successive ministry in our congregation has been invaluable, and used by God to further His cause and Kingdom. I am thankful to our great God and Saviour for the preachers of the past who paved the way for me.

“My emphasis has been upon the work of evangelism. In bringing me to Ballymoney, the words of the Great Apostle Paul to Timothy were impressed upon my mind and heart - ‘Do the work of an evangelist’.

“We have sought to fulfil this command and have encouraged our people to do likewise; reaching out to a lost and dying world with the only message that can truly save and change lives - Jesus Christ and Him crucified!

“The Lord has been pleased to raise up a thriving church in this area over the years. From its early days in Cabra to this present time, the work has grown and expanded. It is far from ‘a one man ministry’. Rather, we have many, many gifted members of the body of Christ here at Hebron. We are ‘labourers together with God’.

“What a joy it was to see new buildings erected for God’s glory, providing up-to-date accommodation for the Lord’s work here in Ballymoney. The Carson Complex, our new Sunday School and Youth facility, was opened on Saturday, September 7, 2002.

“Our new Hebron Meeting House was opened and dedicated to the Lord on Saturday, September 16 2006. Both were officially opened by Dr Ian Paisley, who preached at that first Gospel Mission 60 years ago.

“My twofold burden for our Church in Ballymoney remains the same as ever it was; to witness a mighty spiritual awakening among God’s redeemed people in Revival, and to see unconverted won to Christ in salvation. May God grant our heart’s desire!

“In celebrating 60 years of preaching the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ, we lift our Ebenezer to Almighty God and say: ‘Hitherto hath the Lord helped us’.

“We thank God for every attainment and advancement, and with a hearty shout of praise, we declare, ‘To God be the glory, great things he hath done!”

Special meetings will also be conducted to celebrate the 60th anniversary throughout the year.

To find out more please surf their website on www.hebronfpc.org