Health Minister has the money to save Dalriada hospital - McKay

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North Antrim Sinn Féin MLA Daithí McKay has called on the Northern Trust to use its October Monitoring Allocation to keep Dalriada Hospital open.

He was speaking after uncovering the fact that the Trust will receive a further £3.8million to be used this financial year. The information was disclosed by the Health Minister to Mr McKay in an answer to an Assembly question.

He said: “This disclosure from the Health Minister clearly shows that the Northern Trust will have extra money available as a result of the last monitoring round. This is to be used to offset the worst impact of the contingency plans in each trust area and that obviously includes the Dalriada Hospital proposal in the Northern Trust.

“The Minister has said he has been looking for financial solutions to ensure that money is made available to save the Dal. This is the solution. This money is as yet unspent and unallocated according to this response. The Minister must instruct the Trust to use a small fraction of this extra funding to keep the hospital open and the consultation into its future should be cancelled. I am calling on the Minister to act immediately.”