‘Growing’ wild!

Ballycastle Community Group, Pobal an Chaistil, recently took part in the Kew Garden’s Grow Wild Scheme, which saw approximately 20 families planting wildflowers at the Gaelscoil an Chaistil site in the town.

A spokesperson from Pobal an Chaistil said, “Our organisation, which was founded 13 years ago, has been working closely with community since its inception, responding in the initial years to a demand of Gaelic-medium primary school, followed by a Gaelic Medium nursery.

“These institutions, along with Ógras, the Gaelic youth club, have all grown into strong independent organisations which are now self-sustaining bodies in their own right. Our investment over the last decade has really borne fruit at so many levels, however we believe there is still much to achieve in areas relating to heritage and community.

“Currently we are working on several projects which we hope will enrich the lives of the community. When we heard that the Kew Garden’s Grow Wild Scheme was seeking to work with communities to sow wildflowers in order to increase insect life and biodiversity, we saw this as an opportunity to pilot this type of work locally. We asked families and friends of Gaelscoil an Chaistil if they would like to take part and the response was brilliant. We had a fun day at the school site clearing areas in which to sow the seeds.”

Jó Bargewell from Gaelscoil an Chaistil said: “The Kew Garden’s Grow Wild Scheme, funded by the Big Lottery Fund, allowed us to have a fun day together, parents and children, pupils and past pupils, all doing our bit for nature conservation and hopefully adding to the beauty of our school site.

We received 20 Grow Wild boxes which included soil testing kits. The seed mix was further blended with cornfield annual seeds we gathered last season, so we hope for a great show of colour. All we need now is to sit and wait for the seeds to grow!”