Great St. Patrick’s Night at Bushmills

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PORTBALLINTRAE Royal Blues LOL 1142 held a St. Patrick’s Night on Saturday, March 16 in Bushmills Orange Hall.

The night was filled with a variety of musical entertainment. A local Ulster Scots Group, The Wee Lads and Lassies started the night off performing poems, songs and playing traditional Ulster Scots music.

The Wee Lads and Lassies practice in the Eden Orange Hall and are taught by Louise Morrow who is also a member of Bannvalley Keynotes who also performed on the night with more Scottish pieces of music.

Then, Bushside Accordion band took to the stage and performed some traditional music.

After Bushside, the Irish stew was served while Jason McAllister took to the stage to finish the night with a variety of tunes enabling those who wanted to dance to take to the floor.

The W.M. Brian Christie would like to thank all the artists who performed on the night and for the people who came and supported Portballintrae Royal Blues on what was a great night of music and dancing.