Great grandmum Ellen (75) just loves Facebook

ON THE FACE OF IT. Seventy-Five year old Ellen Morris, keeping up to date with some of her 400 friends on facebook.INBM9-11 021SC.
ON THE FACE OF IT. Seventy-Five year old Ellen Morris, keeping up to date with some of her 400 friends on facebook.INBM9-11 021SC.

WHILE many of her contemporaries while away the hours with knitting needles or bingo, Killyrammer great granny Ellen Morris likes nothing more than to keep up with all the latest goings-on on Facebook.

The sprightly 75-year-old is hooked on the social networking site and logs on on a daily basis to chat with some of her online buddies.

“I joined up to Facebook about a year ago,” Ellen told the Times.

“One of my daughters was home from England and showed me Facebook.

“Before that I played different games on the computer just.”

Ellen soon got the hang of Facebook and has amassed over 400 friends in a short period of time.

She says she is on Facebook every day and loves using it to chat online with friends as well as play the range of games available including Farmville.

As well as pals from across north Antrim, Ellen is in constant contact with friends and family in England.

She says she loves being able to keep up to date with all the latest news and gossip.

And it was particularly useful during the winter cold snap which made it difficult for Ellen to get out and about for several weeks.

“It’s a good thing Facebook if people use it properly,” she said.

“Sometimes you would get some people putting bad language on there which I don’t like but I just try to ignore it.

“I would say the good outweighs the bad. I’m a Christian so sometimes I would post some verses of scripture on it for people to read or a few lines from hymns.

“I am on it quite a bit, it’s always on when I’m in the house.

“It takes a good bit of time to get all the games done and get through the gifts people send me on there!”

Ellen was born just outside Ballymoney and moved to Liverpool at the age of 20.

Despite arriving with just her fare, Ellen soon found her feet, getting a job at an elderly people’s home under the control of The Salvation Army.

She then headed to Yorkshire where she worked in the mills.

Ellen also worked in door to door sales with companies such as Avon, a job she continued when she moved back to north Antrim ten years ago.

Indeed a number of her Facebook mates are former customers from her days in England.

While on the mainland she met and married Sean Morris from Galway and the couple had five children - all of whom still live in England.

She is now the proud grandmother of nine grandchildren and eight great grandchildren.

Ellen said she always wanted to come back to Northern Ireland when she retired and being distanced from her family has been made that bit easier now she can follow the progress of them all at the click of a button.

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