Grandmother’s heartfelt appeal

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From the depths of tragedy, a Coleraine family is finding some form of solace by seeking to help others whose children are suffering from cardiac defects.

Recently the Gallagher family buried tragic tot Autumn who had struggled bravely against all the odds for 290 days.

Now Autumn’s grandmother Hazel is determined to pay tribute to the little girl’s courageous struggle by raising funds for the Children’s Heartbeat Trust in the sure knowledge that the charity will go on to help others just as she and her family were supposted throughout their own traumatic experience.

In a moving article inside this week, Gillian Anderson reflects on how the Gallagher family dealt with their own grief and how they have nothing but the highest praise for the Heartbeat Trust and the Clark Clinic at the Royal Victoria Hospital.

Hazel added: “More babies die in Northern Ireland from heart disease than from cancer and yet very little is said about it and very little is contributed towards research in comparison.

“As a family we want to say thank you to everyone who has travelled this journey with us all.

“We all got so much love from Autumn which is why Dawn and Keith want other families to know about the Heartbeat Trust.”