Grand opening of Kilmoyle Primary School’s new car park

KILMOYLE Primary School and Nursery proudly opened their new car park on Tuesday of last week, attended by pupils, parents, staff, Governors and representatives of NEELB and the local community.

Much thanks is given to all who have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make this possible.

Mrs Wysner praised Property Services at NEELB and the contractors who built the car park to such a high standard. Work started in January and she said it has been amazing to see the transformation of a field into a high specification car park with separate areas for parent and staff parking, a drop off bay and personalised gates.

The car park which has 56 parking spaces and a drop off area has been much needed as the school is located on a busy road. Since opening 55 years ago with an enrolment of around 50 pupils the school has seen much growth and development, now boasting a spacious and well equipped environment from Nursery to P7 pupils.

With growing enrolment and positive future plans for the school and Nursery, the car park will ensure the safety of pupils, parents and other visitors to the school.

In the past there have been minor accidents near to the school, particularly in icy weather. All road users in the area will now be safer as off road parking is now provided.

With so much talk about prevention it is heartening to see action being taken before a tragedy takes place. There is still a 20mph speed limit restriction at the school at key times and this continues to work most successfully.

As the school holds a termly ‘Self Awareness Week’ to teach pupils about various aspects of their safety and development of self esteem the new car park will facilitate the development of these activities within a safe environment. On Tuesday 28th May Kilmoyle Primary School & Nursery are hosting a ‘People Who Help Us’ day, with visits from PSNI, lifeguard, community Rescue etc., being attended by all their pupils and local nurseries. With a breakfast club and 12 after school activities currently being offered, the new car park enables parents to be able to collect their children in the safety of the school grounds around the clock.