Golfers, rinners an ithers..

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A tane tae switherin tha tither dey aboot tha sportin elite that haes cum oot o North Entrim doon through tha years an dae ye know ye cud fill a book wae them.

Foremaist ye had tha weel knoad Dervock man Kennedy Kane McArthur wha dane sae weel awa baak in tha thirties at tha Olympics . Forbye him ye had Sephen an Charlie McCooke frae Monaclough wha cud rin tha legs aff ony boady

Tha wurl renowned Aramoy Armanda wha tane tha wurl o motorbikes racin bae storm an Joey an wee Robert Delap wha bate aa in front o them. Naw forgettin young Michael an William Delap wha ir daein sae weel noo-a- deys.Graham McDowell frae tha port is a wurl cless golfer. Wae that in mine Am gantae lee yese wae a wee rhyme frae aroon 1906 aboot gowfin.


Jist look at my bonnie wee bag o’ sticks,

An’ my tackety pair o’ shoon,

The auld suit wi’ the holes intilt,

An’ my face that’s nice and broon ;

You can see the health stickin’ out o’ my een,

I cud eat eat even on ;

I wis juist a fair footer a month ago,

An’ noo I’m a pairfect don,

At whit we wad kin’ o’ ca’ gowfin’.

Gie the lea a bit daud, then look oot for the clod,

That’s the principal thing at the gowfin’.

I was awfu’ shakey aboot the knees,

I cud only read wi’ glasses;

The doctor said that for fancy complaints

I wis yin o’ their foremost cases;

In fact, I wis jist kin’ o’ hangin’ on,

Wi’ a cough that wisna canny to bear,

An’ a face like a soda scone,

When I up and begood the gowfin’,

Jist kin’ o’ amatuer gowfin’,

Easy osy, ye ken, the short holes in ten

It’s a fine game is gowfin’.

Ye ken you troubles they adverteese,

For tae mak’ ye buy their peels,

Like a stab in the back, or a fire inside,

Or a scunnerin’ at your meals,

I had them a’, and a wheen forbye,

That the doctor’s couldna name,

They were awfa’ chawed when I stopped their drugs,

An’ took to the gowfin’ game;

O man, I’m keen on the gowfin’,

It’s the patent cure is gowfin’,

I tell ye it’s grand to get back to the land,

And lift it in lumps at gowfin’.

Aa fur noo, Keep it Ullans.

Tha Poocher Septemmer 2014