Glebeside Young at Heart events

GLEBESIDE Young at Heart, Castle Community group and Route 2 Fitness will be hosting a free health event this Wednesday (September 18th).

Running from 11.30am to 1 pm, the event that takes place at Route 2 Fitness which is located just beside the new bridge construction at the

Ballymoney train station.

The special event is being used as a platform to promote a more healthy lifestyle. To do this they will be giving out free advice on healthy eating and how to exercise properly, distributing free samples of healthy food and drink, as well as information on how to prepare it for yourself

at home.

There will also be free blood pressure and diabetes checks for all those who are interested in learning what condition they are currently in and how theycan improve upon it.

It’s been a busy time for the group as last week they also hosted a charity leg waxing fundraising event. The event was an effort to raise money for the children’s charity “Children for Lapland”.

The event which was organised by Victoria and Codie Murray (who also took part) alongside Steven McClusky, Mark Haggarty and Sam Crawford.

An overall total hasn’t been tallied as yet but the groups remain hopeful of a considerable sum. The charity and all those associated would like to extend their thanks to all those who took part in the events and would also like to thank the general public for their generosity.