Glass Recycling at home

Blue recycling bins were introduced in Ballymoney eight years ago and since then have become an useful recycling accessory in the home.

There have been significant changes to the range of materials accepted through blue bins in this time and from the 1st of March the latest and one of the most useful changes begins when householders will be able to add glass bottles and jars.

This move has been welcomed by many people and will make recycling glass containers much more accessible to all and not just those who can access bottle banks. It also reduces the need for heavy lifting or risks associated with containers getting smashed in storage or transit.

Although glass jars and container scan now go in blue bins, there are some exceptions. Blue bins cannot accept window panes, drinking glasses, pyrex dishes, light bulbs or fluorescent light tubes. Council staff are happy to advise householders in the event of any confusion.

Councillor Evelyne Robinson, Chair of the Health and Environmental Services Committee added: “I am excited about this latest addition to blue bins in the Borough. Many people have asked about this and I am delighted that Council can now extend the range and therefore usefulness of blue bins at home. Blue bins now represent the best and easiest option for householders to recycle in comfort.

“I hope that everyone will now fully use blue bins, reducing the amount going to black bins in the process. You can now recycle the following materials as well as glass jars and bottles: newspapers/magazines, plastic containers including yoghurt, food and margarine tubs, cardboard boxes, food/drinks cans, aerosols, junk mail, letters/envelopes and brochures/catalogues/phone books, printed pages or letters and juice cartons/tetra paks.

“It is vitally important that we all think about what we buy and how we shop. Most of what we dispose of in black bins began life in our shopping baskets. A little thought about what we buy can reduce the amount of waste in black bins but more importantly increase the amount of money in our pockets. A typical family in Ballymoney could be wasting up to £600 each year through food waste. I believe this money is better in the packets of Borough residents than going to the government by way of ever increasing landfill taxes which Council has to pay for every tonne of food waste we dispose of.

“My message is that recycling benefits everyone and we can all do our bit by recycling through blue bins at home’

If anyone requires further information on glass recycling or waste management in general, please contact Borough Services on 028 2766 0226 or email”