Giant’s Causeway is one of Britain’s top 10 coastal walks

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A walk along the coast won’t just provide stunning views. It could also make you happier and help you sleep better.

A study found that Britons slept more than half an hour longer after going for an amble along the beach than they did after a ramble inland.

The sea air also helped them sleep more soundly, meaning they were more alert when they woke up.

If that wasn’t enough to persuade you to head for the seaside, coastal walks also seem to make us feel happy and healthy.

The National Trust, which looks after 775 miles of Britain’s coastline, has compiled a list of the ten best coastal walks.

Featuring in it’s top ten walks are the cliff top views of the Giant’s Causeway from the Runkerry Trail.

TV presenter Julia Bradbury, who is supporting the Trust’s annual Great British Walk campaign, said: ‘I’ve walked the length and breadth of the country and taken in more than my fair share of coastal walks, with friends and with friendly TV crews.

‘I can tell you first hand that it helps you sleep like a baby.’