‘Get on housing list’

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MOYLE Sinn Fein councillor Margaret Anne McKillop is embarking on a drive to get everyone on the Housing Executive list and prove that there is a clear need for Social Housing within the Glens area.

She said: “People need to change their mindset that there is no point being on the list as there are no houses. Yes it is true that there are very few social houses within the Glens but we need to show that there is still demand.

“The only way to prove there is still demand is to get on the list. It is extremely easy to get on the list and you can now even do it over the phone. Councillor McKillop would encourage anyone that is in private rental to lift up the phone and get on the list. The Housing Executive’s phone number is 03448920900.

“There are currently no plans to build new houses in the Glens but hopefully if the numbers increase the Housing Executive will include the Glens in its next plan,” she said.