Geological sites included in list of top 100 in UK

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Two local geological sites have been named in a list of the top 100 sites in the UK and Ireland by the Geological Society of London, in an initiative to identify the best rocks and landscapes.

There were ten categories in the end with the Giant’s Causeway topping the bill for the coastal geosite category.

Ramore Head in Portrush was placed in the category of historical and scientific importance due to the scientific debate that took place there in the 18th century that helped shape the modern science of geology.

Loughareema, or the vanishing lake in County Antrim was placed in the landscape category.

Dr Kirstin Lemon from the Geological Survey of Northern Ireland tells us more: “The fact that we have five sites in the top 100 Geosites list is a great celebration of our wonderful geological heritage.

“Considering that the Northern Irish population makes up under 3% of that of the UK and Ireland combined, we have demonstrated that we are very proud and more importantly, appreciate the significance of our rocks and the associated landscapes.”