GCSE joy for Ballymoney High School pupils

Continued high achievement in GCSE and equivalent examinations meant real pride and joy for pupils, their teachers and families at Ballymoney High, as the school embarks on another positive year of life and learning on the back of its 50th anniversary celebrations.

Great smiles and sounds of joy filled the school entrance hall as high achievement was celebrated by so many pupils, with no fewer than 50 young people securing 5 or more full GCSE A*-C grades (the top standard expected across schools). Higher still, a record number of pupils achieved 7 or more full GCSEs at grades A*-C. Great achievement and great delight indeed for all at Ballymoney High. An excellent 55% of all GCSE grades achieved in the school were at A*-C level.

The large numbers achieving top GCSE grades highlight a fantastic personal and school record of achievement, giving pride and confidence to the school and its pupils for the future.

Top individual achievers in this year’s group were: Rachel Scott (9 grades A*-C)), Laura-Jayne Hegarty, Heather Linden, Rachel McCurdy, Gavin Magee, Gina McBride, April Ferguson, Allie Stewart, Rebekah Shirley, Alison Kirkpatrick, Gemma Knox, Gareth Clarke, Hannah Graham and Khara Rennie (all with 8 grades A*-C)

Equally satisfying was the fact that every single pupil achieved at least 1 GCSE or equivalent qualification, highlighting the school’s commitment and capacity to provide academic opportunity and success across the full ability spectrum. A superb 93% of pupils in the whole year group (not just a selected class) achieved 5 or more GCSE passes, with 90% achieving C grades in some of their subjects.

Sharing the pupils’ success and commenting on the school’s continuing strong levels of achievement Principal Rodney Scott said: “I congratulate our young people and pay tribute to them and my staff for their earnest and excellent efforts. Thanks also to parents for their support. These results confirm and continue the excellent standard of education developed and provided by Ballymoney High and give us strength and confidence for the future.

“The breadth and standard of education we provide is high quality and offers successful learning to young people of all abilities who attend the school. A comprehensive range of academic, practical and vocational subjects are delivered through to full GCSE level by a dedicated team of staff. Some appropriate equivalent qualifications are also delivered. Our record of examination achievement is well established, complemented properly by pastoral support and a wealth of extra-curricular opportunities.

“We trust our pupils have experienced enjoyment and personal development along with academic achievement. I wish all our leavers God’s blessing and continuing success and joy in their lives and careers.”