Garvagh pair’s RNIB support

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A Garvagh woman raised over £600 for RNIB to thank them for the support received after her husband’s sight deteriorated significantly.

Beverly Glass said: “I felt I would like to do something to say thanks for all the help and

support RNIB had been to Mervyn and I at a difficult time.”

In August 2016, Mervyn was diagnosed with an eye condition called Ischaemic Optic Neuropathy- a blockage of the artery that goes into the eye, that had resulted in damage to Mervyn’s vision.

It was hoped that Mervyn’s brain would adapt with the loss of vision in the lower section of his eye. However, three weeks later Mervyn lost most of his remaining sight in that eye.

Thankfully Mervyn was able to continue running the family farm but two years later in April 2018, his sight quickly deteriorated in the other eye.

Beverly said: “The consultant said it was very unusual for the condition to affect both eyes. He said he had only seen this happen once before and was sorry that there was nothing they could do.”

Mervyn currently has no peripheral (side) vision but still has a slight bit of vision in the upper part of his eyes, describing it as dull, as if it’s always evening time.

At a follow up hospital appointment, Mervyn met Catriona, an RNIB Eye Clinic Liaison Officer. He was enrolled on RNIB’s six week ‘Living with Sight Loss’ course in their Coleraine office. Armed with information and skills from the course, and the help of RNIB’s Community Access Worker in Coleraine, Jonny Adams, Mervyn has regained confidence and is now doing things he enjoys again, like playing bowls with his local group and getting back into tennis through Disability Sports NI.

If you would like to speak to someone about a change in your sight contact the RNIB Helpline on 303 123 9999.