Garryduff Road Roundabout needs change

A local Ballymoney businessman is calling for action to be taken on road markings at a roundabout in the town which, he says, is an accident waiting to happen.

The Garryduff Road roundabout was re-marked last year to allow for two lanes of traffic driving straight through the roundabout or turning left onto the Kilraughts Road.

However, the businessman says that the markings mean that drivers proceeding straight ahead have to veer too far to the left - resulting in drivers emerging from Kilraughts assuming that cars are turning left too.

A meeting was held at the roundabout last month with MLA Mervyn Storey and representatives from DRD Roads Service.

However the concerned businessman says that there has been no progress in tackling the problems at the roundabout.

“I really think the Garryduff Road roundabout is causing an unsafe situation. It is much too small to have two lanes marked out.

“I attended the meeting with Mervyn Storey and local councillor Alan McLean and representatives from Roads Service about a month ago.

“They were to go back and think about what could be done with the roundabout. One suggestion was to mark the lanes futher back down the road but that, in my opinion, doesn’t make it any safer.

“Some people have said that it is just down to bad driving but I use that roundabout several times a day and I’m sure others like me see countless drivers going through that roundabout and not using it properly.

“I know complaints have been received from other people and even while we were having the meeting at the roundabout, people stopped in their cars and made comments about the situation.”

The businessman added that, while he understood the lanes were re-marked to facilitate traffic flow in the mornings, he believes the overall safety aspect outweighs the need to avoid possible tailbacks for one hour during the daily school run.

A statement from DRD said: “Following a meeting with MLA Mervyn Storey aimed at improving traffic progression through the roundabout, site proposals have been drawn up. It is hoped to have these in place before the end of the month.”