Game of Thrones sign for Ballintoy Harbour?

A MOYLE councillor says a sign marking Ballintoy Harbour as the location for filming of the international tv series ‘Game of Thrones’ would be very welcome.

Independent representative Padraig McShane told the Times: “The HBO series Game of Thrones has delivered several direct benefits to Ballintoy including funding for community projects. But the real benefits are beginning to manifest themselves in the tourism sector with visitors travelling from all over the globe to view the natural surroundings of the programme’s setting.

“A sign to mark where filming took place will of course be a wonderful addition and a point of interest to those visitors who are unaware of the blockbuster film’s set location. We wish the series and HBO well and thank them for their selection of Ballintoy among several spectacular locations in Moyle,” he said.

A Moyle Council report, which was due to be tabled at a meeting last night (Monday October 22), said: “The Game of Thrones are offering to supply a sign showing the harbour as it dressed in the series (Pyke Harbour) and some narrative on the film making that went on at the harbour over the last two years.

‘It is proposed that this would be an excellent tourist promotion of the harbour through the success of the series worldwide.’

The proposed wording of the sign is: ‘Ballintoy Harbour, featured in 2011 as Pyke Harbour, used by the HBO Television series, Game of Thrones, in 2011. Alfie Allen as Theon Greyjoy, who has returned to his boyhood home of Pyke after many years away’.