Gamble shocked at ‘inexplicable’ decision

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A “SHOCKED and deeply disappointed” Councillor Hazel Gamble said this week she couldn’t understand the Dromore Police Station decision particularly in light of an, albeit perhaps temporary, reprieve for Warrenpoint, where she claimed little community support was demonstrated during the consultation process.

“Dromore police station is greatly used by the community policing team in providing high quality policing to the local community and surrounding areas,” she said. “It was clear during the time of public consultation, both at the public meeting and in the hundreds upon hundreds of signatures on the petition from the local community, that there was strong support to keep the police station open.

“It would seem that although a public consultation took place, no cognisance has been taken of the views which were so strongly expressed.

“What is more frustrating about this decision is that a decision was taken on the Warrenpoint Police Station to keep it open in spite of little community support during the consultation process.

“It is my opinion that this decision has not been taken in the best interests of community policing and I will continue to put pressure on the Policing Board before a final decision is taken on 19 April.”