Funding for A26 is urgent says Swann

MLA Robin Swann has challenged the new DUP Finance Minister to meet with UUP Roads Minister Danny Kennedy to “secure much-needed funding to progress the A26 as a matter of urgency”.

Assemblyman Swann said he was “totally shocked” by a recent email from Minister Kennedy informing him that the DUP Finance Minister had declined to meet with the UUP Minister.

Mr Swann said: “It is absolutely vital that the new DUP Finance Minister finds the cash to fund the development of the A26, which over the years has become not just the accident blackspot of North Antrim, but one of the most notorious death roads across Northern Ireland.

“During a recent meeting with Minister Kennedy, I also took the opportunity to highlight how farmers will be affected by the upgrade programme.

“This is why myself and North Antrim UUP representatives met with Roads Service officials and the Minister at the A26 north of the Frosses itself to discuss the continuing need for a significant upgrade of the road. Existing and proposed schemes must be assessed against the need to promote economic growth which will clearly show that the A26 comes very near the top of any reasonable priority list well above some of the schemes already in the pipeline,” said Assemblyman Swann.