Fun with Armoy Wi

The annual Fork Supper at Armoy Women’s Institute proved once again to be a night to remember.

A large number of members and friends and guest Executive member Anne KIrkwood, enjoyed a delicious cold buffet meal followed by an evening of homespun entertainment second to none in Roseyards Church hall. The One Act play ’Costa del Packet’ produced by Jennifer McLernon had Alice (Anne Patton) with her knickers in a twist and the audience with a pain in their sides laughing!

The accompanied and unaccompanied pieces sung by Nuala Dornan brought a hush of delight in the hall. Finally the lively singing by the Fireside Singers of a medley of songs entitled The Seven Ages of Man evoked a reaction of foot tapping and humming. We enjoyed songs like like Rock-a-bye Baby, Sweet sixteen, I’m Getting Married in the Morning, When I’m 64 and One Foot in the Grave.

Lorna McClure expressed the thanks of the audience for a great night of food, friendship, entertainment and fun.

During the short business session the reason for the quality of the entertainment was made perfectly clear as our President Katy McCurdy congratulated the Drama group, Nuala and the Fireside Singers on their many successes in the recent WI Drama and Music Competitions. Their list of awards goes like this: Drama; Best Producer - Jennifer McLernon, Best Actress - Anne Patton and Best Moment of Theatre, Best Costume, Best Overall Play - all Armoy WI. Music: Fireside singers - first Place and Best Overall Performance on the day, Nuala Dornan - two firsts and a second for solo singing. A presentation was made to Margaret Gillan for her inspiring and dedicated leading of the choir. Congratulations also to Armoy for retaining the Avis Coleman Cup at the Area meeting where Jennifer Campbell spoke on being the mother of an Olympian medal winner. Further details were given of Outing to Derry, Ballymoney and Balmoral Shows and invites to other Wi’s and a great evening was rounded off with hearty singing of the Country Woman’s Song.