From paper banks to our blue bins

For 10 years now, paper banks have been a familiar site around the Borough of Ballymoney but that is all about to change.

These large blue banks are being removed from Village Recycling Centres and both Household Recycling Centres, largely due to the success of blue bins. When blue bins were first introduced ten years ago, we could only accept newspapers and magazines. Paper banks were there for other types of paper including phone books and catalogues.

Today, householders in Ballymoney can put newspapers and magazines, junk mail [without plastic wrappers], catalogues, phone books, envelopes and printed office type paper or letters. This extensive range of paper types means the market for materials collected through paper banks has actually disappeared and the company which previously serviced the majority of paper banks across Northern Ireland is discontinuing this particular operation.

To facilitate some householders, collection containers will be placed at both the Knock Road and Crosstagherty Household Recycling Centres for the continued collection of the paper types listed above.

A spokesperson for Ballymoney Borough Council added: “We are grateful that householders in Ballymoney continue to respond positively by recycling at home through blue bins. We encourage everyone to look at what is currently going in black bins and consider whether any of this material could be recycled, particularly over Christmas, a holiday which often generates additional waste in the home. Christmas cards and plain wrapping paper for example can go in blue bins so why not let your blue bin take the hassle out of Christmas waste and make sure it is used to its full potential.”

For more information on paper recycling, blue bins or waste management in general, please contact Ballymoney Borough Council on 2766 0257