From Cape Cod to Dervock to get hitched!

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IT’S often the case that those who move to foreign lands from Northern Ireland never lose the misty-eyed romanticism of their former homeland.

That certainly is the case with Lynda Harte who left the province as a young child to settle for a period in New York before moving to Cape Cod.

Lynda’s father, Alex Harte, was born in Dervock and it is the local village that has a special place in Lynda’s heart – so much so that she plans to return there soon to get married.

Not only that, but when she ties the knot with her future husband, Jay, both plan to settle down in the village much to the delight of her two close friends, Sandra Laverty and Myrtle McKeeman.

Lynda is currently enjoying a holiday in the North Antrim area and can’t wait until she comes back for good.

She is struck by the beauty of the countryside and has been treated to plenty of trips by Sandra and Myrtle who are also looking forward to having a more permanent relationship with Lynda. Lynda was introduced to Sandra by Tilly Murphy and couldn’t think of anyone better to chum around with along with Myrtle of course.

The trio have not only been to beauty spots but have also supported local events including a sale at Bushside Orange Hall where the Times caught up with them. “We don’t have anything like this in the States and it’s such a pleasant opportunity browse around the stalls,” Lynda said.

Lynda returns to the States at the end of June but she’ll be counting the days when she finally makes Dervock her new home.

“It’s a great village and it’ll be so good to settle down there,” she added.