Friends of the Earth react postively over Bushmills Dunes development

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Friends of the Earth Northern Ireland has reacted positively to yesterday’s BBC report that that the Bushmills Dunes development at the Giant’s Causeway may not now go ahead.

Commenting on the report, James Orr said: “If the reports are true we will be greatly relieved for the sake the economy, the unique wilderness around the Giant’s causeway and for future generations.

“This was a decision that caused profound upset to thousands of people and sent a signal across the world that we may have been open for business but we had lost our values. It was a project conceived in Disneyland, based on voodoo economics and a complete disrespect for what makes this country special.”

Mr Orr continued: “The decision to approve this holiday resort, against all planning policies and common sense, was a defining moment in the history of the new Northern Ireland. For us the decision represented a perverse mindset that was prepared to sacrifice one of our most precious assets.

“We now hope the collapse of the project will also provide a time for reflection on who we are a society.

“Unfortunately, we are witnessing the fallout of this decision because the legacy of Runkerry is that our prediction has come true - many of our most special places and important sites are being degraded as a result of the dangerous precedent to approve the Runkerry development at the Giant’s Causeway.”