Frew welcomes additional roads funding

Cllr Paul Frew DUP MLA for North Antrim has welcomed the additional funding for the constituency for carriageway and footway refurbishments and roads structural maintenance which was announced by the Finance minister Sammy Wilson last month.

Mr Frew then asked the DRD minister to outline in detail how this money will be used in the constituency.

The minister provided him with a breakdown of work that this additional monies will be used for which would not have been commenced if this money had been available.

Mr Frew said: “Any additional funding in my constituency has to be welcomed and I know that these roads badly need attention so it is good news for the constituency but, of course, I will be pushing for even more funding in North Antrim not least for the A26 project which is in great need of advancement and which will help not only the whole of the North Antrim constituency but the whole northern section of our Province .”