Frew warns North Antrim to be safe ahead of burglaries

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Paul Frew DUP MLA for North Antrim is warning residents in his constituency area to increase their security measures after hoax door-callers gain entry into unsuspecting homes.

Mr Frew shared his concern, “Unfortunately due to suspected distraction burglaries which have been happening in the area recently it is important that all households take extra caution when answering their doors and also make sure they are one hundred percent satisfied with a caller’s identity before thinking about allowing them into their homes at any time of the day.”

Mr Frew explained, “We have recently had the issue of door-callers impersonating certain companies to gain entry into people’s homes, particularly the frail elderly. We can never be too careful so I am urging people to check the photographic identification of every door-caller. If residents are unsure of the callers identity I would encourage them to Freephone QuickCheck on 0800 013 22 90 where they can verify the identity of anyone calling at their door.”

If anyone has suspicions of threatening vehicles or behaviour in the area I would advise them to ring the police and warn them. I am urging everyone to be vigilant at this time.”