Free movie if you bring a jam jar!

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One of Disney’s most famous classic animated movies, Bambi, will be shown at a special free screening at the Movie House in Coleraine on Bank Holiday Monday, August 29.

The event is part of Cinema Day 2016, a celebration of 120 years of cinema in Northern Ireland.

Admission to the event is free - but the Movie House owners are asking for one thing in return - all you need to do is bring an empty jam jar!

Back in the 1920s and 30s, when money was tight, cinemas offered free admission if customers brought in a jam jar.

Movie House is bringing back this tradition for Cinema Day 2016 – and they’ll even be recycling the jam jars afterwards.

Michael McAdam, Managing Director of Movie House said “We are really excited to be bringing the whole family together to experience this Disney classic as well as celebrating and reliving in the history of cinema within Northern Ireland with this unique screening.”

So grannies and grandas, mums and dads, boys and girls make sure you don’t miss your chance to see one of the best animated movies of all time on the big screen.

In addition, each of the cinemas will be holding a fun day from 10am with free face painting and arts and crafts before the movie – so come down and enjoy a family day out.

For those who’ve never seen Bambi, it’s the story of a young deer hailed as the ‘Prince of the Forest’ at his birth.

As Bambi grows, he makes friends with the other animals of the forest, learns the skills needed to survive, and even finds love. One day, however, the hunters come, and Bambi must learn to be as brave as his father if he is to lead the other deer to safety.

The screenings will take place at 11am at Cityside/Yorkgate, Glengormley and Coleraine cinemas.

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