Free ‘chips’ for all dogs

AHEAD of the proposed new legislation requiring all dog owners in Northern Ireland to microchip their pets, Dogs Trust, the UK`s largest dog welfare charity, is working with Moyle Council to call on all local dog owners to take their pooches into the local vets and get them chipped for FREE when they are attending for any other consultation.

Moyle Council is just one of the many across Northern Ireland urging dog owners to take advantage of the free scheme before it becomes compulsory next spring for each and every dog to be micro chipped. To show its support for the implementation of this legislation, Dogs Trust is offering free microchips to every Local Authority in Northern Ireland until March 2012.

Ronnie Milsop, Dogs Trust Campaign Manager for Northern Ireland said:

“This change in legislation represents a significant step forward for dog welfare and responsible dog ownership and we are delighted with the progression of this ruling and look forward to the day when micro chipping for all dogs is essential. Until that day though, we want to help as many dog owners as possible by providing Local Authorities with access to free microchips.

Micro chipping is a quick and painless procedure which sees a small electronic chip implanted under the skin of the dog. This chip contains a unique number which is logged on a central database along with the owner’s details. It is the responsibility of the dog owner to ensure the microchip records are up-to-date and any changes in address are passed on. These details can be used to reunite any separated owners and their dogs, with as little stress as possible for all involved.”

There are a number of ways to get your dog micro chipped, If you are attending any of the local vets either JJ Mc Brides 15 Ann Street Ballycastle or WP Mc Cullough 158 Moycraig Road Mosside with your dog for a consultation they will be happy to micro chip your dog for free. Alternatively you can call at the Council Offices at Sheskburn House, Mary Street, Ballycastle on any Friday morning between 9am and 10am. Or you can call the Environmental Health Department on tel.028 20762225 to make an appointment.