Four marathons in four days for charity

Archie McNeill and John Butcher
Archie McNeill and John Butcher

Running one marathon is tough enough for most people but running four marathons in four days is quite an extreme challenge, yet Archie McNeill and John Butcher are set to tackle The Quadrathon in Donegal next month.

Consisting of 104.8 mile of coastal roads around Inishowen 100 this will certainly provide a stern test for Archie and John who are taking part in a bid to raise money for the British Heart Foundation and Diabetes UK, the chosen charities of Tesco, Ballymoney where Archie’s wife Audrey is a supervisor.

Both men have had previous experience of marathon running and are members of Springwell Running Club but the Quadrathon is a whole new ball game to the pair.

Archie McNeill spoke to The Times about his marathon challenge. “I only started doing marathons about four and a half years ago,” he said. “Up to this point I have completed 22. John has been doing them for five years and has 26 marathons under his belt. We are looking forward to it and are running 18-120 miles twice a week and 8-10 miles three times a week.

“It’s very tough, we have driven around some of the routes and its very hilly but that’s what makes it a challenge!”