Former Mayor reflects on ancient links

Ballymoney claims links with The Ancient Kingdom of Dalriada and the names of many buildings in the town still have the link including “Riada House” the seat of the Ballymoney Borough Council.

For that reason former Mayor Bill Kennedy, the last first citzen of Ballymoney, has recorded the Royal descent from Dalriada Kings to the present Queen as a parting gift.

Former Mayor Kennedy met up with The Great Chieftain and Defender of the Causeway Coast, Sorley Boy McDonnell (aka Martin, Sheans Heritage Centre) to look back on the towns ancient links and to present the unique gift to the Heritage Centre with a framed certificate on the Royal descent from the Kings of Dalriada.

When the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh visited Ballymoney as part of the Royal Couple’s Coronation Tour, Mrs Grace Leslie, Leslie Hill, presented the Ballymoney council’s gift, “The Queen’s Book” to Her Majesty, tracing the Queen’s links back to the ancient Kings of Dalriada.