Former Chamber president dies in Canada

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The man who made a huge impact on the commercial success of Ballymoney several years ago has died suddenly in Canada.

Trevor Smyth was an entrepreneur of the highest calibre who ran a number of businesses in Ballymoney and in the Triangle area of Coleraine before emigrating some eight years ago.

He was also an outstanding organiser of events most notably the Christmas celebrations in Ballymoney as well as the annual Summer Fair, now sadly a distant memory.

Mr. Smyth, a former President of the Chamber of Commerce, had an eye for the unusual and when he brought camels to celebrate the festive season and then introduced the largest Xmas stocking in the country to the same event, the public responded in droves.

His close friend, Richard Dickson, a former Chamber colleague, described Mr Smyth as a larger than life figure who was a “very, very good businessman.”

“When he did something he put his whole heart and soul into it. Not only did he create huge interest in the Christmas celebrations with camels and the large stocking, but his ideas for the Summer Fair and Duck race raised thousands for the town,” Mr. Dickson said.

The Music Box in Ballymoney was a shining example of Mr Smyth’s ability to cater for a large market in music. He then opened a number of shops in the Triangle area and Limavady trading under the name Jingles.

His move to Canada saw him open the Irish Harp bar in Niagara on the Lake close to his friend, Paul Dickson, a brother of Richard Dickson. The venture proved a success and only last month he introduced his bar manager to Ireland meeting up with old friends and travelling around the country.

Mr Dickson says he will miss Trevor: “He had an ulcer which burst. He was taken to hospital and an operation appeared to be successful. However, although feeling fine, he suffered a blood clot which killed him.”

Mr Smyth, who was born in Porstewart, would have been 64 next month. His only brother, Brian, died some years ago and both his parents have also passed away.

Mr Smyth’s body was cremated in Canada following a service, but it is understood that another service will take place in Portstewart.

The current President of the Chamber, Mrs Winnie Mellett, has acknowledged the contribution Mr Smyth made.