‘For My Girlfriend’ Road Safety Campaign

THE award winning campaign ‘For My Girlfriend’ Road Safety Campaign is aimed especially at young male drivers, urging them not to hurt the ones they love through careless driving and excessive speed.

More girls die in road traffic collisions as passengers than as drivers. The For My Girlfriend campaign has two aims, firstly to make young male drivers think about the consequences of showing off, speeding, using their mobile phone, having an extra drink or taking drugs while their girlfriend is in the passenger seat and secondly to encourage girls to speak out and tell their male friends and boyfriends to slow down or stop.

This media campaign is being complemented by a road safety road show event which will be held in the Joey Dunlop Leisure Centre on Friday 18th February at 7pm.

The road show will depict graphically how a night out can end in tragedy and permanent disability. This event will be highly interactive to catch the imagination of drivers, especially young people. Displays will include the PSNI’s Project EVO EVO Evolution (Mitsubishi) EVO Extra Virgin Olive Oil EVO Evolution Engine (Harley-Davidson Motorcycles) EVO Emergency Vehicle Operator EVO Escape Velocity: Override (computer game) . This is an ex Police traffic car, a Mitsubishi Evolution, that has been given the fast and furious treatment with a full sound system, video games and all the latest gadgets to be used as a tool for teaching road safety to young people. It’s a brilliant machine and always draws a large crowd.

A few of the guys from local Causeway Cruisers also plan to bring some of their modified cars along to support the road safety campaign.

Anyone attending the event will not only have the opportunity to learn some valuable road safety messages but will also have the chance to win some fabulous prizes in a free prize draw. Prizes include a set of alloys, a hands free kit, a race day at Race School Ireland and lots more. The event is open to everyone and admission is free.

This project is funded by Ballymoney Community Safety Partnership, UnLtd Road Safety Challenge Awards Scheme, the Department of the Environment, Ballymoney DPP, Ballymoney Roads Safety Committee and the PSNI. The project is supported by Ballymoney Youth Council, Causeway Cruisers, Cheers Youth Centre, CRUN, Dunlewey Substance Advice Centre, NHSCT and the NRC.

For more information contact Cathy Watson on 028 2766 0257.