Football reception

BALLYMONEY Borough Council has praised a reception held for the Vanves football team during a recent visit.

During a Development Committee meeting, members heard: ‘A letter of thanks has been received from a participant in the Vanves football visit. A reception has been arranged to recognise the team’s achievement.’

In response to Cllr John Finlay thanking the mayor for the reception, Cllr Evelyne Robinson explained: “It was a pleasure to hold the reception. The team were very quiet and a platter of fruit just sat there. However after a minute or two there was a lot of chat and you were lucky to get a grape.

“Their behaviour was excellent as well, they had fun but were extremely pleasant. They are an asset to the town.”

Cllr Ian Stevenson agreed adding that the ‘international link was a credit to the borough and the children that took part’.