Food Revolution Day in Ballymoney

FRIDAY 17th May is Food Revolution Day, a global day of action for people everywhere to celebrate real food, where it comes from and how to cook it.

It’s a day to come together to keep cooking skills alive, improve our food knowledge and share it with others. Cooking is one of the most valuable skills we can learn or pass on to the next generation.

Many people now lack these basic skills in a world where as many as one billion people suffer the effects of not having enough food while one billion suffer the effects of eating too much or the wrong types of food.

If we cook great food from scratch and our efforts and knowledge with each other, we can bring about change. We can change attitudes to food, we can build or enhance community spirit, we can come together to celebrate and recognise the role food plays in all our lives. So what simple things could we do to make Food Revolution Day the beginning of a lasting and positive change?

In our homes, we could invite family or friends for a ‘potluck supper’ where guests asked to bring a dish of their choice, nobody knows exactly what’s on the menu but it’s a fun evening; make pancakes with children or grandchildren; share recipes or meals with friends; aim to cook with children/grandchildren once a week or month or why not find out where your food comes from and whether you can source it locally?

You can have fun with it, meet new people, learn new skills, save money, reduce the amount of additives and other chemicals in our bodies, reduce waste and food waste, support smaller independent local shops but best of all, you can take control of food and the role it plays in your life.

For more information on Food Revolution Day or how you might get involved, contact Ballymoney Borough Council on 02827660257.