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Thinking makes you hungry! The demanding nature of several rounds of questions and the subsequent depletion of reserves cannot be underestimated! A quiz, by its very nature, can tax the best of ‘grey matter,’ requiring a period of subsequent re-nourishment.

With this in mind, The Rotary Club of Ballycastle, in planning their Spring Quiz, has made provisions to address the nutritional concerns associated with a thorough cerebral work-out!

Scheduled for April 9th in the Central Restaurant, a night of questions and answers will include the usual dose of entertainment, some nibbles and great prizes. Whilst the refreshments will somewhat alleviate the dietary demands of such an event, we in Rotary deem it necessary to fortify our supporters to a greater degree and in our annual Charity Breakfast, surely such an opportunity exists? The now well-established event will be held on May 2nd and with local causes benefitting from our efforts, it is a date and a meal not to be missed! Further details will follow nearer the time.

Returning to matters in hand, Quiz teams should consist of 4/5 per table but since the event is about fun and enjoyment, President Sean McKinley is more than happy to welcome all comers. “If last year’s success is repeated, we can look forward to another full house with plenty of banter and not a little intellectual show-boating!” Question-master will be Tom Christie and scorer, James McMullan.

Entry costs £5 per head and monies raised from team registration and the raffle will support chosen Rotary charities. Local photographer, Stephen McAuley and friends, will be spotlighting his forthcoming Land-rover adventure in aid of Help for Heroes and we hope he may even take a few photos!

With Easter just around the corner, what better way to celebrate the appearance of Spring than to ‘Eat, Think and be Merry!’ The Rotary Club of Ballycastle looks forward to your support on the 9th April.