Follow in Ballycastle High’s green footsteps

Young people across the province are being urged to take environmental issues into their own hands, by taking part in ECO-UNESCO’s Young Environmentalist Awards 2013.

The programme recognises and rewards young people who create environmental action projects that directly affect and influence their local communities.

ECO-UNESCO is calling for young people from every community in Antrim to take part.

The ECO-UNESCO Young Environmentalist Awards Ceremony takes place in Dublin on May 22, 2013. Last year saw the most successful awards ever. Ballycastle High School’s project ‘Renew-a-Fuel’ took a product from the food industry deemed as waste and used it to produce two environmentally friendly resources; they used waste oil to produce a ‘green’ renewable bio fuel and through the production process, they also discovered that they were able to extract glycerine as a by product which can be used to create a range of products.

They were among the many important projects that appeared at the annual showcase, demonstrating the creativity and ingenuity of Ireland’s young people.

Participants in ECO-UNESCO’s Young Environmentalist Awards programme have until February 2013 to complete their project in one of ten categories including Climate Change, Biodiversity, Energy, Waste, Transport, and ECO-Health and Wellbeing. Once they’ve submitted their project, they have to battle it out in the ECO-Den regional heats to show that their project has what it takes to make a real impact.

Once registered, ECO-UNESCO Young Environmentalist Awards groups can avail of ECO-UNESCO’s advice and support as their projects progress. Registration for ECO-UNESCO’s Young Environmentalist Awards 2012 closes on November 30th 2012.

Teachers and youth leaders can register groups of 2-20 young people on or by contacting ECO-UNESCO at +353 1 6625491