Fly tippers destroying tranquil area

FLY-TIPPERS are destroying the look of one of the most tranquil areas in the Ballymoney Borough.

Part of the Mostragee Road near Stranocum has long been a favourite of locals who go there to enjoy the wildlife as well as the flora and fauna which abound in large numbers.

It’s a place where the age old tradition of the countryside is observed most notably during the spring time when the first swallows of the year are detected and the unique call of the cuckoo is something to behold.

The narrow roadway is dotted with laybys to enable motorists to park and enjoy the peace and quietness as well as providing a spot for walkers to park their vehicles and exercise their legs.

Lately, however, the area has become dotted with litter the make-up of which appears to indicate that the dumping is coming from various sources.

Supermarket bags filled with rubbish, sawdust, tyres, lino, and straw has led to much speculation as to who might be involved, but whoever is responsible, those who visit the area are certainly not amused at the desecration of one of nature’s nicest spots.

One local told the Times: “There was a time when it would have been unthinkable to dump anything along this road but it now seems that anything goes. All the supermarket bags and the rest of the debris indicate that whoever is responsible doesn’t have a care about the countryside.”

Ballymoney Borough Council’s Environmental Health Department have been alerted to the situation and officer, Karen Mitchell, has promised to investigate.

She is determined that if whoever is responsible is identified that action will be taken.

“Any sort of fly tipping is unacceptable and even more so in an area where plants and flowers as well as wildlife thrive,” she said.

Some locals have indicated they would volunteer to clean up the mess themselves and have sent out a message to stop the dumping immediately.