Flood drama

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THERE was drama on the Conagher Road near Dervock on Monday afternoon when several fire appliances raised to the area after a report was received of a taxi carrying children entering water.

In the end it turned out that the taxi had got stuck in around 2ft of water which had flooded the road and firefighters pushed the vehicle out.

There were no injuries but a few wet feet during the incident which was reported to the Fire Service around 3.45pm.

Coleraine-based Fire Service District Commander Bill Wilsdon told the Times: “Two boys in their young teens were going home from school with a female adult and a male taxi driver when the car entered the flood water and got stuck.

“The first boy was carried out and because the second boy had mobility difficulties it was decided to push the car out of the water. There were no injuries and no distress. In fact it was all a bit of adventure for the boys in the end.”

Coleraine Fire Station Commander Andy Deal said because the initial report mentioned a taxi with children onboard entering water there was a big response from the emergency services who were taking no chances until they found out what had happened.

As well as four fire appliances and a special Fire Service rescue team being despatched, police and ambulance personnel also raced to the scene.

Mr Deal said water had got into the car and there were initial concerns by those in the vehicle that it could rise and trap the occupants because one of the boys had mobility difficulties.

But in the end the water was not particularly high and because of that when firefighters arrived it was decided to push the car out of the water.

“There were just a few cold feet in the end,” he added.

Mr Deal said road users should attempt to ascertain the depth of flood water before attempting to drive through.

Inspector David Anderson of Ballymoney PSNI said because of recent heavy rain there was a 100 metre stretch of the road flooded and the waters were up to two-and-a-half feet deep and the road was closed off to traffic following the incident.