Flip me! Team taking on a ‘tyring’ challenge

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It’s not too far from Ballybogey to Ballymoney, is it? Four miles perhaps?

Well, try making the ‘short’ journey while flipping a tractor tyre from the Centra in Ballymoney out to the petrol station in Ballybogey.

That’s what a team of charity fundraisers from Total Fitness gym in Ballymoney is planning to do on October 23 to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

The Tyre Flip is being organised by Peter Surgenor, proprietor of Total Fitness.

“We decided to do a tyre flip,” he said, “as we have been using these for training purposes in the gym as part of the exercise program.

“Members decided that it would be challenging to flip these a long distance and came up with the idea of raising money for a charity.

“We chose to raise money for Cancer Research as several families within the gym have been affected at some point by the condition and October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.”

Among the members only too keen to take on the challenge were Sisters Vicky and Samantha McKessick.

“When Peter mentioned he was wanting to do something for this charity,” said Vicky, “me and Samantha both jumped at the chance to join in as this charity is close to our hearts because we sadly lost our aunt to breast cancer 22 years ago.”

The sisters are also running a table quiz in Ballymoney Football Club on Saturday October 15 at 8 pm to help raise funds for Breast Cancer Research UK.

Donations for the tyre flip - http://p4t4r9.wixsite.com/totalfitness/charity-events