Finn McCool’s undies? That’s just pants!

Professor Longbottom reflects on the importance of the artefact. INBM17-15
Professor Longbottom reflects on the importance of the artefact. INBM17-15

A large pair of underpants which washed ashore at the Giant’s Causeway are believed to belong to the Causeway’s famous resident, Finn McCool!

The important discovery was verified by local historian, Professor Longbottom.

Based on the size of the pants, Longbottom estimates that they were worn by a giant approximately six-metres tall, possibly a teenage Finn McCool. Experts reckon that Finn McCool’s adult height was 15 metres.

The pants, which were in a state of disrepair, were salvaged by the National Trust who then gifted them to Northern Ireland’s knitting community so that they might be restored to their former glory.

Kevin Murphy, Chief Officer of Voluntary Arts Ireland and leader of the #LovetoKNIT campaign said: “It’s not every day you’re asked to help repair the underpants of a mythical giant so we were thrilled to help out. All it took was a few phone calls to get a team of roughly 50 knitters from across the country working on this.”

National Trust Visitor Experience ranger, Antony was first to volunteer to wear the repaired pants - although he feared they may have to be taken in a bit around the waist before they would be the perfect fit.

The pants will be displayed at the Giant’s Causeway Visitor Centre in celebration of #LovetoKNIT month (April).

To find out more about the underpants and to see a 3D mockup of how Finn might have looked in them, visit

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