FINLAY: Weeds making Ballymoney look ‘unkempt’

Councillor John Finlay.
Councillor John Finlay.

Ballymoney DUP Alderman, John Finlay, has expressed concern about the extent of weeds and grass growing on the streets of Ballymoney and has urged Transport NI to take more decisive action.

Alderman Finlay said: “I cannot recall a time when the streets of Ballymoney, including the town centre, were so badly affected by weeds and grass along the footpaths and verges.

“This has been a warm summer and plant growth in general has been prolific, but the authorities have a duty to keep Ballymoney free from weeds which make the streets look untidy, unkempt and unsightly.

“I have been assured by officials in Transport NI Causeway Coast and Glens East that action is being taken to remove the weeds, but, to date, I have not noticed any appreciable improvement.

“The image of our town is important to local business and local tourism, and I therefore call on Transport NI to step up the speed and effectiveness of its weeding operation.”