Finlay to lobby Minister


Ballymoney DUP Councillor, John Finlay, has promised to continue to lobby to ensure that the issue of unadopted streets in Dervock and Mosside is properly addressed and resolved.

Councillor Finlay said: “I wrote recently to the Regional Development Minister, Danny Kennedy, to see what can be done to adopt streets within developments at Station Cottages, Dervock, and Riverdale, Mosside. I was somewhat discouraged by his overall response.

“In relation to Station Road, the Minister has advised me that his Department is considering the possibility of issuing an Article 11 notice under the Private Streets Order. This would allow the Department to complete the streets in the part of the site that has been developed.”

Cllr Finlay said the issue at Riverdale was more complicated, according to the Minister, and concluded: “I will have further discussions with the residents of both developments and will also continue to press the Minister on this. The residents deserve better.”