Finlay slams Dunloy decision on parade


The DUP’s John Finlay has hit out at the Parades Commission following its determination on a parade in Dunloy on September 13th.

The parade is prohibited from the Main Street and Station Road which led Cllr Finlay to say: “For many years now, through the actions of both the police and the Parades Commission, we have been prevented from walking in Dunloy.

“And, once again, as we gather in Dunloy our civil and religious liberties are being denied to us by a police force and Parades Commission who seems intent on pandering to threats from militant Republicans. The police and Commission has lost any credibility in the eyes of law-abiding people and their decision in relation to our parade is a studied insult to the Protestant and Unionist people connected to this village. It is time for this situation to end.

As law-abiding citizens, we have no desire to confront the forces of law and order, but this should not be regarded as a sign of weakness on our part I am angered and hurt by the decision to restrict us here today, and justice demands that this situation must not be allowed to continue.”